Sultan Sa'adu Abubakar - Committee Chairman


The Committee was appointed and inaugurated in to action by the Sokoto State Government under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, the State Governor Rt.Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, CFR, (Mutawallen Sokoto) for the purpose of ensuring rapid and successful realization of the goals and objectives of the declared State of Emergency Policy on Education. The Committee under the Chairmanship of His Eminence, Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar CFR, mni, is composed of key Stakeholders in the Education Sector, namely; the Traditional and Religious Leaders, Government Officials and Professional Practitioners.



  • The Committee commenced its activities with vigorous mass media campaigns through Radio/TV jingles and bulletins and Cellophane bulk messages aimed at mobilizing community Leaders, Parents, Teachers and Pupils for enrolment and retention of Male and Female children to schools, prompt resumption of school activities after holidays and community oversight and investment in schools.
  • The Committee had always identified with comity of nations by rise to occasion in organizing befitting celebrations of World Teachers Day on the 5th October, 2017, International Day of the Girl Child 11th October 2017 and Universal Children’s day 20th November, 2017 with active participation of the committee at various levels.
  • The Committee developed and deployed appropriate modalities that would ensure effective mobilization of various communities for active participation in schools enrolment and retention of male and female children to schools while emphasizing the value of integration of Islamic and secular education.
  • In furtherance to its core mandate, the Committee set up effective machinery for the successful grass root community mobilization, on this premise, it came up with a design and printed, as well as, distributed record of book diaries with a view to enhancing generation of reliable school records and Data for District and Village Heads, Principals and Head Masters, Integrated Qur’anic schools, Non-formal learning centers, PTAs and SBMCs.
  • The special grass root community mobilization campaign in Dinawa on 21st December, 2017 marked the beginning of credible and solid foundation of this Committee to deliver on its mandate and was largely rated, a very significant early accomplishment considering the large turnout in attendance with the esteemed presence of the State Governor under the chairmanship of His Eminence, the Sultan and Local Government Chairmen, District and village Heads, Ulamas, Imams, teachers, PTAs, SBMCs and pupils.
  • In his determined effort to succeed, the Chairman of the Committee, His Eminence, the Sultan, saw the desirability to engage the Nigerian Navy Holdings Limited on highly beneficial venture for deployment of its affordable building technology using compressed earth bricks for construction of low cost school infrastructure. This welcomed development eventually led to an impressive demonstration of the technology, thereby appealing an overwhelming admiration and commendation by the teeming audience in attendance.
  • Arising from this exciting presentation of a new building technology, the Committee unanimously called for its application in the state especially with the aim to explore means of minimizing cost of building education On this note, the Navy Holdings limited was therefore engaged to submit designs suitable to our local needs that could stand the windy prone nature of our environment alongside Bill of Quantity for consideration. Consequently, the Proposal was received and subjected to a thorough review with adoption of type ‘A’ enclosure design of 6-classrooms pattern for construction as intended to gradually cover all the 86 districts of the state. The first phase involved 6 numbers, while two units were  constructed in each  of the senatorial zones prioritized based on critical needs of a district with a choice of either primary or secondary school starting simultaneous construction in all the selected sites namely, Gagi, Danchadi, Horo Birni, Katami, Araba and Dan-Tudu.
  • The Construction was flagged off with the signing of MoU on 27th July, 2018 for the construction of Six Class Rooms, a conventional Laboratory, Computer Studio and adjoining Administrative Block with all the required basic facilities.
  • The Committee had provided two categories of school furniture 2 and 3 sitter models suitable for primary and secondary pupils.
  • The Committee had provided water facilities covering Boreholes with overhead tanks (500 liters) inclusive of complete reticulations to all the offices and laboratories of the affected School infrastructures.
  • In addition, the Committee provided laboratory sinks, wooden cabinet structures, provision of suitable school uniform for pupils, equipping ICT studios, furnishings, as well as, equipping science Laboratories for all the phase one Six schools in the six districts of the three Senatorial zones of the State.
  • The Committee in its effort to develop modalities for effective integration of Islamic and Western education, it had successfully constructed 100 Zaure Islamiyya Schools known as Shelter Facilities with VIP Toilets for early Child Care and Development Centers in all the 86 Districts of the State.
  • The Committee had provided befitting office Furniture for the convenience of Management, Academic and non-teaching staff, as well as, students in their respective classes. Similarly, Instructional materials were adequately provided for all the schools including the One Hundred Islamiyya Shelter Facilities located in all the 86 districts of the state.
  • The Committee had also provided Solar powered electrification facilities for all the Six Schools Infrastructure with a view to easing teaching and learning activities under conducive learning environment. In addition, the solar power facilities were being utilized to pump water from the various Boreholes constructed in the schools premises.
  • The Committee had sustains series of regular and periodic enlightenment campaigns through Radio and Television Jingles towards ensuring re-orientation of the general public, especial the rural communities on their expected roles in the education development of their children particularly when schools resumes from holidays.
  • The Public enlightenment sub-committee of this Committee had also deployed more avenues in strategizing public awareness and mobilization through production of pamphlets/fliers and erection of Bill boards in strategic locations of high public attractions such, as Airport roundabout, Welcome to Sokoto, Sultan Palace, Illela Road, Runjin Sambo area, Gidan Man-Ada, Cenral Market, Usman Faruk Secretariat, Civil Service Round-about respectively.
  • On Thursday, the 7th of March, 2019, all the completed Projects were gracefully commissioned by His Excellency, Rt.Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal CFR at a grand ceremony under the Chairmanship of His Eminence, Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar CFR ,mni with all the Stakeholders in attendance.                                                                                           
  • Similarly, the completed 100 units shelter facilities with toilets for Integrated Quranic Schools as Early Child Care and Development Centers (ECCDC) established in the 86 Districts of the State were also commissioned during the grand commissioning ceremony presided by the state Governor. 
  • Having satisfied with the excellent job performance demonstrated by the Navy Holdings Limited on the completed projects, the Committee therefore proceeded with the second phase construction of another Seven units of Schools Infrastructure in seven locations namely; JSS Rumbu, Sokoto North, JSS Gigane, Low cost area Gigane in Gwadabawa LGA, Usman Makera Community Secondary School Achida LGA, Mallam Buhari GDSS Sifawa in Bodinga LGA and Sayinna Model Primary School Bagida of Tambuwal LGA.
  • The Committee had in keeping with its Mandate reached out to some communities in dire need of schools infrastructure, such as Tunga village, Dange, Yar’Arewa and Binji towns respectively. In these identified vulnerable areas, a Block of two class rooms with adjoining Head Master’s Office and detached Toilet facilities for males and Females were adopted as quick interventions with a view to sustaining and supporting local efforts by the resident communities and development partners on special humanitarian services.
  • The Committee had concluded arrangements for the hosting of Dialogue on Education Development of Sokoto State with a view to sensitizing the general public on the need to suppoe.rt the State Government in the onerous task of education development in the state. The conference is expected to draw participants from MDA’s, Private and Philanthropists Organizations, National and International Development Partners (IDPs), Commercial Institutions, as well as, Religious and Faith B ased Organizations in the stat 
  • The committee had so far received the sum of N1, 120,943,501.25 from the State Government Education Levy collections from the 8th May 2018 to 20th May, 2020. The funds had been utilized judiciously in various projects and programs as enumerated above.